Summary of recommender systems Surveys in recent years

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Recommender system has been widely studied both in academia and industry. Survey is usually a good start for understanding a specific research area. Here, I summarize surveys on recommender system from different perspectives, hope it will help for your research.

At first, I would like to promote the survey I finished on deep learning based recommender system. Deep Learning based Recommender System: A Survey and New Perspectives, You can get access to it via I am still working on improving this survey, so if you have any suggestions, please contact me via

Comprehensive Survey

  • Toward the next generation of recommender systems: A survey of the state-of-the-art and possible extensions, 2005
  • Recommender systems survey, 2013
  • A survey of recommendation system: Research challenges, 2013
  • Recommender systems research: A connection-centric survey, 2004
  • A survey of accuracy evaluation metrics of recommendation tasks, 2009
  • Survey of cold-start problem in collaborative filtering recommender system, 2012
  • A survey on recommendation system for big data applications, 2015
  • Evaluating collaborative filtering recommender systems, 2004
  • A survey of recommender systems techniques, challenges and evaluation metrics, 2012
  • A survey of explanations in recommender systems, 2007
  • A literature review and classification of recommender systems research, 2012
  • A comprehensive survey of neighborhood-based recommendation methods, 2011

Collaborative filtering

  • A survey of collaborative filtering techniques, 2009
  • Collaborative filtering beyond the user-item matrix: A survey of the state of the art and future challenges, 2014
  • A survey of collaborative filtering based social recommender systems, 2014
  • A survey of collaborative filtering algorithm applied in E-commerce recommender system, 2006
  • Collaborative filtering recommender systems, 2014
  • Collaborative filtering based recommendation system: A survey, 2012
  • A survey of collaborative recommendation and the robustness of model-based algorithms., 2008

Content based recommender system

  • Content-based recommender systems: State of the art and trends, 2011
  • Content-based recommendation systems, 2007

Hybrid recommender system

  • Hybrid recommender systems: Survey and experiments, 2002
  • A hybrid recommender system for context-aware recommendations of mobile applications, 2007

Deep learning based recommender system

Context-aware recommender system

  • Context-aware recommender systems for learning: a survey and future challenges, 2012
  • Time-aware recommender systems: a comprehensive survey and analysis of existing evaluation protocols, 2014
  • A survey on context-aware recommender systems based on computational intelligence techniques, 2015
  • Context-aware recommender systems, 2011
  • A systematic review of scholar context-aware recommender systems, 2014
  • Context-aware systems: A literature review and classification, 2008

Cross domain recommender system

  • Cross-domain collaborative filtering: A brief survey, 2011
  • Cross-domain recommender systems: A survey of the state of the art, 2012
  • Cross Domain Recommender Systems: A Systematic Literature Review, 2017

POI recommender system

  • A Survey of Point-of-Interest Recommendation in Location-Based Social Networks, 2015


  • Recommender system application developments: A survey, 2015
  • A survey paper on e-learning recommender system, 2012
  • A survey of e-commerce recommender systems, 2007
  • Tag-aware recommender systems: a state-of-the-art survey, 2011
  • Job recommender systems: a survey, 2012
  • Intelligent tourism recommender systems: A survey, 2014
  • A Survey of Recommender System Applied in E-commerce, 2004
  • A Survey of Recommender Systems in Twitter, 2012
  • Shilling attacks against recommender systems: a comprehensive survey
  • A survey paper on recommender systems, 2010
  • paper recommender systems: a literature survey, 2016
  • A survey of music recommendation systems and future perspectives, 2012
  • A short survey of recommendation technologies in travel and tourism, 2007
  • A survey of job recommender systems, 2012
  • Trust-aware recommender systems, 2007
  • A connection-centric survey of recommender systems research, 2002
  • Application domain and functional classification of recommender systems–a survey, 2008
  • A literature review of recommender systems in the television domain, 2015

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